3 Timeless Vesper Cocktail Recipe

3 Timeless Vesper Cocktails Recipes with Ingredients

The Vesper Cocktail was first mentioned in the 007 book, Casino Royale in 1953. The first book that introduced us to James Bond has the character describing to a bartender the exact recipe for his Vesper Martini. A hybrid drink between the classic martini made with gin, the relatively new at that time vodka martini with an added twist, instead of the standard vermouth Bond, specifies Kina Lillet. We’ve gathered 3 timeless vesper cocktails with recipes and ingredients to help you become the hero of your party.

The Vesper is a drink better known from the books and films of James Bond than in cocktail bars. So, it is a cool, refreshing drink on a hot summer evening or even as a drink to chill with indoors with someone special. This easy to mix drink gives pleasure in a more surprising way than some of its more classic counterparts and can have even more variety depending on the make of Gin and Vodka you use.

Here we have recreated that old recipe for you. We have also added a couple more adaptions on the theme for you to enjoy. The adaptations have different flavored finishes, which should mean there’s a fit for everyoneís taste.

1. 007 Vesper Cocktail with recipe and ingredients

  • 3 parts Gordonís gin
  • 1 part Vodka
  • A Ĺ measure of Kina Lillet

Shaken well until cold (not stirred) and serve with a thin curl of lemon peel.

These Vesper ingredients create a smooth and floral drink with a hint of citrus, and with these rather generous volumes will serve two ordinary people.

007 Vesper Cocktail

2. Italian Style Vesper Cocktail

  • 1 oz parts dry gin
  • 1 oz part Vodka
  • A Ĺoz measure of Cocchi Americano

Shake well until cold and stir with a grapefruit twist.

This version of the Vesper ingredients will give you a bitter, crisp taste if this is more what you desire in your cocktails.

Italian Vesper Cocktail

3. Timeless Vesper Cocktail Recipe for Everyone

  • 2 parts gin
  • 1 part Vodka
  • 2 parts white wine

Garnish with lemon rind, lime rind, and orange rind to give that hint of fruit

Using a jug, add all the alcohol and stir. Finally, top with the garnish. Now you have a convenient, fast cocktail that can be poured over ice to share with your friends.

Stirred and not shaken, this isnít exactly James Bond but kept chilled it is ideal as another of the mixed drinks you can present at a party that still has the presence of cocktails when properly presented in a martini glass maybe over ice.Mixed drinks in quantity are great for a party, but a little extreme for a quiet twosome. So, just in case you lose track of how many you are drinking, it is always a good idea to have your trusted Ultimate Hangover Prevention on standby, for when you realize how much you have had and the morning after when you wish you hadnít had so much.

We hope you enjoy trying out these different Vesper cocktail combinations. We also hope, like James Bond, you find a favorite to add to your repertoire of cocktails and mixed drinks to share with your friends and family on any special occasion.

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