Milk Thistle

The Importance of Milk Thistle for People Who Drink Alcohol

We’ve all been there the morning after, we popped out for a few drinks, met up with some friends and things went on into the night, and the drinking went a bit further than we had imagined. Now here you are with a pounding headache, you feel nauseous, your stomach is feeling delicate, to say the least, and your mouth is so dry that it feels like it will never be normal again. Itís that dreaded hangover you never considered (or didn’t care about) when you were having so much fun. You probably never considered the importance of Milk Thistle for people who drink alcohol, but after a bad hangover you might be more interested!

Milk Thistle

What Causes hangovers?

The reason people feel so ill after over-indulging is that alcohol attacks the body in many ways. Firstly, alcohol is a diuretic. Alcohol purges the body of water. People feel bad from hangovers ,in part, due to dehydration. Also, alcohol is a stomach irritant causing us to feel nauseous or have a terrible tummy the next day. Alcohol drains us of our moisture, but also depletes our vitamins and minerals. The body needs these nutrients to recover quickly.

Alcohol can also affect the bodyís ability to absorb these essential nutrients. So even after we eat and drink in the morning, we may have replaced these vital substances, but the body may still not be able to use them fully, thus slowing down the bodyís ability to recuperate even further. 

It is a scientific fact that women tend to have fewer alcohol metabolizing enzymes in their body than men. Unfortunately they are much more likely to suffer from a hangover after a night of drinking. Science has now proven, what we all knew, people get worse hangovers as they get older. Any relief in the morning is good news if you imbibe. Supplements such as Milk Thistle might just be part of the answer.

History of Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is a European plant with a purple flower. It grows up to 5 feet in height if left unchecked. This plant is often classified as a weed despite its apparent herbal benefits. It is sometimes called holy thistle and Mary thistle because of the white veins. These are traditionally said to have been caused by a little of the Virgin Maryís milk dropping on the plant. Throughout history, this plant has been believed to have herbal properties that protect the liver from damage. It has even been shown to help with serious liver ailments like jaundice, hepatitis, and even cirrhosis as well as helping with gall bladder disorders.

Milk Thistle as a Supplement

Studies have shown improvement in the liver function and liver disease when milk thistle is taken. Although it is not understood how it works, it appears to reduce the damage done when the liver metabolizes toxic substances. One of those toxic substances is alcohol, which we are well aware can cause liver damage if consumed regularly and in large amounts.
Having been taken for many years as a protector of the liver, milk thistle is also considered an excellent herbal treatment for hangover prevention and cure. There is no firm evidence from scientific studies to this effect as the study results vary and more has still to be done, but the fact that people have used it for years must say something. 

When to Use?

With all this information, you can now see why milk thistle is valuable for people who drink alcohol. Taken before a night of drinking, it may reduce the toxic effects of the alcohol on the liver as it metabolizes the contents of our drinks. It also seems it may help if taken the day after to combat the damage that is still lingering with the alcohol in our system and even to help any resulting damage our overindulgence has caused. Taken together with plenty of water to help the dehydration and some food to settle nausea and replace some of the nutrients lost the night before, this could be the best way to get back to feeling your old self and being able to get on with your life again, having fun.

Staying Responsible

The importance of Milk Thistle for people who drink alcohol is pretty high. Even with its powerful properties by your side you must stay responsible while drinking. Milk Thistle might be helpful for preventing hangovers in the morning, but alcohol still carries long term effects. Everything has its limits as to how much it can do. Remember is still your responsibility to drink within reason. Don’t forget milk thistle doesn’t reduce the alcohol in your system. You could still be over the limit the next day, if you need to drive. However, as most people only have that odd night out when things get out of hand. Knowing that there is an herbal helping hand out there to help you get your body back to normal as quickly as possible, can be a significant relief, especially on the morning after you didnít intend to drink that much.

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With this knowledge, you can now happily enjoy a night on the town with your herbal helper in your pocket. So have fun, enjoy your alcohol in whatever form you prefer and have a great night with your friends.

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