Best Singapore Sling Recipes

Singapore Sling

The Singapore Sling has been around since its invention in 1915 in Singapore (naturally) at the Long Bar. It is a gin-based classic cocktail which, since its invention seems to have constantly varied so that there are many claims to the original recipe. Whatever the original recipe is, like all cocktails, the real enjoyment is …

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The Best Sex on The Beach Cocktail Recipes

Sex on the Beach Cocktail

The Sex on the Beach cocktail is considered one of the best known mixed drinks by people around the world! It’s fruity flavor and easily drinkable blend of alcohols makes it the perfect cocktail to kick off a good night out with – and to keep it going too! At Fewer Regrets we want you …

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Ingredients for Amazing Mai Tai Cocktails

Mai Tai Cocktail

The Mai Tai is one of many rum-based cocktails, and although a classic, it has many variations on the theme. Based on spiced rum with coconut rum, or a mixture of dark and light rum, with its varied fruity elements, it makes a lovely refreshing drink that you can enjoy all year round. Here we …

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