"This stuff has changed my mornings"
-Eric from Wisconsin

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“Converted Skeptic”

“I’m always skeptical and a bit critical of this type of product. With the presumption ‘it can’t hurt’ I decided to give it a try. I have to admit it really does work! Now that I am in my 30s, I still like to drink like I used to but the effect it has on me the next day can be a bit brutal. With Fewer Regrets I wake up feeling significantly better than I do without, ready to continue ‘adulting’ per usual!”

-Liz from Colorado

Quality you can count on

Made in the USA

Fewer Regrets is manufactured in the USA with the highest standards for safety, quality, and effectiveness. 

Take Anywhere Packets

Small Portable packets come along easily wherever a great evening is calling. 

Natural Ingredients

Fewer Regrets is made with the highest quality ingredients, most of which are natural. 

Diet Friendly

Paleo and Keto Friendly mean you don’t need to sacrifice. 

Backed By Science

Every ingredient has been thoroughly researched for safety, and effectiveness.

Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t love it we’ll refund your money.  

Fewer Regrets has been created to help responsible drinkers live healthier more balanced lives. 

If you love a cocktail evening with friends, but feel torn because you have responsibilities in the morning, then Fewer Regrets is perfect for you. With Fewer Regrets you can stop having to choose between the cocktail driven social interactions you love attending and feeling fresh and ready to go in the morning for your other responsibilities. We’ve formulated Fewer Regrets to help you find a healthy balance of your personal, professional, and social lives.

Fewer Regrets is designed to be taken towards the beginning of drinking. The ideal time is during your first or second drink. The ingredients are designed to help your body process alcohol as efficiently as possible, so the longer your body has the extra help from Fewer Regrets the better it works. 

Our guarantee allows you to try Fewer Regrets for 60 days risk free. If for any reason you’re not happy with our products we will issue a 100% money back refund. 

Fewer Regrets is a Denver, Colorado based company who has set out to help you enjoy your social life without the worry of a hangover in the morning. 

We created Fewer Regrets with the assistance and support of our 10+ year old sister company, Hightly Natural Supplements. This gave us the experience needed to assure you receive the best quality product possible. 

The safety and quality of Fewer Regrets is our top priority. We take many steps to ensure every packet of Fewer Regrets meets not only our standards, but exceeds your expectations. 

  • Fewer Regrets is Manufactured at a GMP facility in the USA. This is an FDA designation, ensuring safety and quality in manufacturing practices and ingredients.
  • Every batch of Fewer Regrets is lab-tested to ensure ingredient product safety, and overall product quality.
  • Air and light-proof packets ensure the capsules are protected wherever you need to take them.

Fewer Regrets is made in California, in a GMP certified facility. This is a facility meeting the standards set by the FDA ensuring manufacturing and ingredient safety, cleanliness, and wholesomeness.

We have several options for shipping including a FREE option for all orders. Orders must be placed by 4 pm EST* (M-F) to ensure they go out same day. 

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*We will attempt to ship orders placed after 4PM EST on the same day, but we cannot guarantee we’ll meet carrier cut offs. 

Fewer Regrets Ingredients

Hovenia Dulcis (Japanese Raisin Tree) has been used for over 1,000 years in many countries such as Japan, China, and Korea as herbal medicine to prevent and fight hangovers. Research shows when Hovenia Dulcis (DHM) is taken before drinking, it helps to reduce high levels of alcohol. 

Prickly pear extract can decrease inflammation in the liver due to the effects of alcohol. Prickly Pear Extract contains Pectin and Fiber that has many health benefits to offset the effects of alcohol inflammation, helping mitigate nausea and headaches.

Turmeric is one of the best superfoods, which contains a Curcumin. Curcumin helps to detoxify the liver, cleaning up acid residue. It is also quite effective in preventing nausea and other stomach issues caused by alcohol consumption.

Red ginseng has been used as a hangover cure for ages in tea.  Red ginseng helps your body metabolize alcohol, helps to soothe an upset stomach and some of the symptoms of a hangover.

Milk thistle is a natural anti-inflammatory and has also been shown to help protect the liver from damage.

Green Tea Extract is a powerful antioxidant with properties shown to help your body while processing alcohol and also helping prevent long term damage from drinking.

Vitamin B Complex has a number of benefits for those who drink alcohol, mainly through supporting the liver. B vitamins help you wake up feeling refreshed.

NAC (N-acetylcysteine) is a dietary supplement that reduces the effects of hangovers and protects the liver. It is derived from an amino acid that occurs naturally known as L-cysteine. NAC is an antioxidant that helps eliminate acetaldehyde.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Worked Great

Tried it on Friday night, definitely was not expecting the results of feeling good and rested on Saturday. Will definitely use again in the future. I would recommend this product for sure.

Simple ingredients. Good results

I wasn’t expecting much but it really helped. I spent a night drinking beer and whiskey with some buddies. Didn’t feel my normal headache after. I was pleasantly surprised. Try it out

Worked Great

Gave it a try on Friday night and felt great on Saturday morning. I would definitely use it again.

It Works!

I recently had the opportunity to try this product on the front end of a night out with the lads. Despite my skepticism, I was amazed to wake up the next morning feeling significantly better than I had expected (given the quantity and variety of adult beverages consumed). I am a believer and would use the product again.

It Works!!

I thought this is too good to be true, but much to my surprise it was everything they said it was. I even drank a few more beers than I usually do just to test it out and I felt great the next morning. I got up at 7A and went to lift weights. It was one of my better workouts. Thank you Fewer Regrets!!