Fewer Regrets Hangover Prevention

What will you gain when you lose a hangover?

Now you can enjoy cocktails in the evening without having to worry about what you’ll be giving up the next morning if you get a hangover. Give your body the ingredients it needs to best prevent a hangover and protect the liver from long term damage.*


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100% money back if you don’t love it.


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"Both my husband and I like a Friday night let loose after a long week. Fewer regrets has totally made a difference in our lives and we can actually be productive on Saturday."

Made in the USA

Fewer Regrets is manufactured with the highest standards for safety, quality and effectiveness. 

Take Anywhere Packets

Small Portable packets come along easily wherever a great evening is calling. 

Natural Ingredients

Fewer Regrets is made with the highest quality ingredients, most of which are natural. 

Diet Friendly

Paleo and Keto Friendly mean you don’t need to sacrifice. 

Backed By Science

Every ingredient has been thoroughly researched for safety, and effectiveness.

Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t love it we’ll refund your money.  

Our blend of ingredients has proven to be a popular choice for responsible adults looking for a way to better balance their life. Our ingredients are designed to help your body process alcohol as efficiently as possible, protect your liver, and recover lost nutrients.*

Fewer Regrets is designed to be taken towards the beginning of drinking. The ideal time is during your first drink. The ingredients are designed to help your body process alcohol as efficiently as possible, so the longer your body has the extra help from Fewer Regrets the better it works. 

Fewer Regrets taken daily provides great health benefits if you are the type of person who tends to have a drink or two most days (we’re not judging- a lot of us on the FR team are the same way). It also works well to provide health benefits and hangover prevention when you’re enjoying a night out with friends. Hangover prevention works best when a REASONABLE amount of alcohol is consumed. Please drink responsibly.

Our guarantee allows our customers to try our products risk-free for 60 days. If for any reason you’re not happy with our products we will issue a 100% money back refund. 

The safety and quality of Fewer Regrets is our top priority. We ensure this through the following:

  • Manufactured at a GMP facility. This is an FDA designation, ensuring safety and quality in manufacturing practices and ingredients.
  • Every batch of Fewer Regrets is lab-tested to ensure ingredient quality, product safety, and overall product quality.
  • Air and light-proof packets ensure the capsules are protected wherever you need to take them.

Fewer Regrets is made in California, in a GMP certified facility. This is a facility meeting the standards set by the FDA ensuring manufacturing and ingredient safety, cleanliness, and wholesomeness.


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