How to Cure a Hangover

We all have those moments when we want to have a good time with those people who are important to us.  Perhaps we simply want to celebrate a special event, a wedding, a job promotion or purchasing a home. Other times we look to take a break from a very hectic and stressful life.We go out, have some food and drinks with good friends and fully enjoying the moments.  Occasionally we enjoy these moments a little too much and find ourselves imbibing more than we should. We retire for the night, hoping for the best the next morning. Unfortunately all to often we wake up regretting how much we drank the night before. Suddenly the excitement and fun of the previous night are a memory we wished to forget. We then ask ourselves is how to cure a hangover?

Uncle Harry, the neighbor next door, your best friend and Ellie at work all seem to sympathize with what you are going through and have some amazing hangover remedies and hangover cures that are guaranteed to soothe that aching head, spinning mind, ferocious nausea and hangover that won’t quit.

While there are some hangover remedies that work it can be hard to know which ones are reliable at a time like the one you are facing.

Below is some time tested, tried and true scientifically proven remedies and hangover cures that will have you back to your old self again in no time at all, reciting a promise to never do that again, ever.

Avoid Congeners

These highly toxic substances that are chemicals formed in tiny amounts during what is known as the fermentation process of certain alcoholic beverages can increase hangover symptoms.  They also have the potential to make a hangover more severe.  They also have the potential to slow down the breakdown of the alcohol increasing hangover symptoms.

Such drinks as whiskey, cognac, tequila and bourbon have the highest concentrations. Others such as rum, gin, and vodka contain lower amounts. So, if you are going to drink a lot choosing the right kind of drink may help in the morning.

Make Breakfast a Priority

Now, most people with a hangover may look at this remedy as craziness, especially when that queasy stomach and spinning head are churning round and round, but breakfast can stabilize blood sugars.

It is possible that some of the symptoms that may be experienced such as that uneasy nausea could be caused by blood sugar fluctuations.  Eating that breakfast can also prevent a build up of acid in the body from a hangover.

Breakfast replenishes vitamins and minerals lost while consuming excess alcohol.

Get Extra Sleep

After a hangover getting adequate sleep can help minimize a hangover and its symptoms.  Ensuring that your body gets enough sleep after you have imbibed too much can assist the body in the recovery of symptoms. It also lessens them so that your hangover day is a little less aggravating and stressful.

Drinking to much alcohol can affect how much sleep you get after, so deciding to get a few extra winks that morning after the hangover, if possible, will do your body good.

Prevent Dehydration

Alcohol causes dehydration of the body. To start off, alcohol has a diuretic effect on the body that increases the amount of urine the body makes.  This can very easily lead up to losses of vital minerals and vitamins as well as electrolytes that the body needs to function properly.

While this doesn’t cause a hangover, but it can make symptoms worse.  By increasing the water intake, it can possibly minimize or eliminate symptoms completely.

A good idea to remember when you are enjoying your night, 1 drink of alcohol, then 1 cup of water, back and forth you go.  While not a direct remedy for the alcohol intake, it can certainly regulate the amount you imbibe. After the fact, it can possibly reduce symptoms of a hangover.

Frying up the Breakfast

This magical potion might just be a hangover cure. Bacon, eggs, and some other items you might eat contain cysteine which is an amino acid. This lowers the amount of the harmful chemical acetaldehyde which is made within the body as it breaks down alcohol.  This chemical makes hangover symptoms like raised heart rate and vomiting.

Now there is no evidence that this will cure a hangover, but it is definitely helpful that prior to going on a drinking splurge of any sort, eating coats the stomach, slowing down the breakdown of the alcohol in the body.  It is best to eat a meal that has protein, some fat and some carbohydrates.

Red Ginseng

Red Giseng offers a wide variety of health benefits. One of the benefits is as a remedy to cure a hangover for those especially out of control nights.  Simply pop a capsule or drink some tea before retiring to bed. If you are coherent enough to do so, you will awaken the next morning feeling more revived and surprisingly refreshed. What red ginseng does is speed up your body’s elimination of the alcohol from the blood.

The Mystery Mix

This hangover remedy concoction is hard to come by, but you can make it yourself.  You only need a few key ingredients to have on hand in your cupboards for those rowdy nights. Fresh ginger, brown sugar and food grade tangerine extract. Combine equal parts of the ginger, sugar, and extract and ingest to start feeling refreshed and relieved from that mistake of a night fast.

Over the Counter and Caffeine

Grabbing an over the counter product that treats headaches and the like won’t take away a hangover per se but it can ease up some of the noticeable symptoms that come from it allowing you to move forward with your day.  Sipping a caffeinated beverage at some point can also help get you back in the swing of things.

In Conclusion

There is no guarantee these answers to your question of how to cure a hangover always work. There are some that can ease the symptoms and put life into a little better perspective until the hangover symptoms subside. We hope you start feeling amazing, so you can live life again with Fewer Regrets!

One of the most tried and true methods for curing a hangover is to not have one at all. Saying enough is enough is one way to accomplish this . Knowing how to enjoy a night of fun and libation while understanding your bodies limits and the effects that can come from ignoring those limits. Also staying proactive by taking a supplement like Fewer Regrets ahead of time is smart.

As with any substance, overindulging regularly may be a sign of a more serious problem. It is always best to consult a physician in these situations to prevent further problems.

Want to learn more about hangovers?

Check out our comprehensive guide to hangovers for everything you want to know (and more!).

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