Why Do You Throw Up When You Are Hung Over?

We've all been there, scared to close our eyes because the room is spinning and finally drifting off only to wake up and rush to the bathroom. Anyone – whether you have had full-blown alcohol poisoning or just a bad night – who has ever had too much to drink knows how bad a hangover can be. However, why do we throw up when we are hungover? We wanted to find out.


What Is It About a Hangover That Makes Us Puke?

Well, there are a few different reasons, so let's break it down. The main reasons we get sick after too much drink the night before is dehydration – but of course, there are others. These include:
  • Lack of Potassium and Sodium in our systems since it was used up trying to process the alcohol (LiveStrong).
  • The rate at which your body can process the alcohol (if particularly slow, your body will still have alcohol and bile to get rid of when you wake up. Ewww!).
  • Acetaldehyde Toxicity – Your body, has spent all night producing enzymes to digest the alcohol and now finds itself with too much enzyme and nowhere for it to go but out.
  • Alcohol has inflamed the lining of your stomach, causing irritation and likely diarrhea, too.
  • Congeners – these flavorings are added to dark liquors to give them depth and color. They also give you a hangover. Drinking more transparent spirits will provide you with less of a hangover.
  • Alcohol Poisoning – Last but not least, if you have given yourself alcohol poisoning, then you should get to the hospital to have the excess alcohol removed from your system
So, as you can see, there are many variables as to why you vomit when you have a hangover. Moreover, let's not forget that your size, shape, and weight can all play a part in how much you can safely consume, too.

What Can I Do to get rid Hangover Sickness?

The first thing you should do is to try and drink more water and take Fewer Regrets. People who are even a little intolerant to alcohol will suffer most from sickness during a hangover – but if you intersperse your drinks with glasses of water, food, stay sensible, and take Fewer Regrets, you'll likely be able to prevent terrible hangovers in the future.
There is also a range of natural remedies on the market that are perfect for taking the pain away and preventing you a whole load of suffering! Most of these feature all-natural ingredients aimed at helping the body recuperate the lost potassium and sodium, re-hydrating you and getting rid of those congeners. Some might even have a component that soothes the inflamed lining of the stomach and saves you a few trips to the toilet!
We recommend not having the hangover in the first place by grabbing yourself some Fewer Regrets. If you do make a mistake and end up with a hangover, we hope this quick guide will help you out!

If you want to know more about what causes hangovers, how to cure them, and much more check out our Complete Guide on Hangovers

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