Comprehensive Guide to Hangovers


Drinking alcohol may come with a well-known consequence called a hangover, likely we’ve all had one. Good news is with years of research we’re quite knowledgeable about hangovers. We can recognize the symptoms, causes and we are even able to help identify effective treatments for a hangover. Continue reading our comprehensive guide to hangovers to …

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Spooky Dry Ice Cocktails for Halloween

Dry Ice Cocktail

Spooky billowing smoke from vibrant concoctions. It’s a fantastic recipe for Halloween ambiance. If you’re having a small get together with a Halloween theme, making spooky dry ice cocktails can provide the perfect touch. They look amazing, but that’s not the best part. Cocktails made with dry ice can be absolutely delicious, as well as …

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3 Strawberry Daiquiri Recipes with Ingredients

Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri

Here are the best three strawberry daiquiri recipes we found for you to enjoy. Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe with the Driver in Mind. At every party, there is always a driver who is responsible for getting people home safely, and they can often feel left out when the cocktails are flowing. Here is a non-alcoholic mixed …

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3 Mouthwatering Cocktail Recipes Using Orange Juice

Ask any casual drinker what they believe is an essential component of a well-stocked bar (besides alcohol) it would be orange juice. It’s such a versatile mixer, and it proves its worth especially when using ‘cheap’ brands of alcohol. We’ve put together 3 mouthwatering cocktail recipes using Orange Juice for you to test OJ’s versatility. Looking …

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Rum Vs. Vodka – What’s Best for Calorific Content?

Caloric Content

Anyone who loves a good drink now and again but who wants to keep an eye on their figure can be mindful of the calorific content of their mixed drinks. We put them to the test asking Rum Vs.Vodka – What’s best for calorific content? A look at how many calories are in your average …

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3 Timeless Vesper Cocktails Recipes with Ingredients

3 Timeless Vesper Cocktail Recipe

The Vesper Cocktail was first mentioned in the 007 book, Casino Royale in 1953. The first book that introduced us to James Bond has the character describing to a bartender the exact recipe for his Vesper Martini. A hybrid drink between the classic martini made with gin, the relatively new at that time vodka martini …

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Alcoholic Mixed Drink Recipes for Keto Diet

Vodka Spritzer

People following a Keto diet are keeping their carb intake down as much as possible, so it may seem difficult to know what mixed drinks and cocktails to serve for yourself or your friends who are on the Keto diet. We’ve put together some alcoholic mixed drink recipes for keto diet to give you some …

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Best Singapore Sling Recipes

Singapore Sling

The Singapore Sling has been around since its invention in 1915 in Singapore (naturally) at the Long Bar. It is a gin-based classic cocktail which, since its invention seems to have constantly varied so that there are many claims to the original recipe. Whatever the original recipe is, like all cocktails, the real enjoyment is …

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3 Recipes for 4th of July Alcoholic Drinks

Fourth of July

Are you looking to add an even more patriotic theme to your 4th of July celebration? We’ve put together these 3 recipes for 4th of July alcoholic drinks to help you show your patriotic red, white and Blue. Mixing drinks can seem daunting if you haven’t done it before but we’ll give you these three easy …

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How to Cure a Hangover


We all have those moments when we want to have a good time with those people who are important to us.  Perhaps we simply want to celebrate a special event, a wedding, a job promotion or purchasing a home. Other times we look to take a break from a very hectic and stressful life.We go …

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