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Best Whiskey Cocktail Recipes

Everyone loves a good whiskey but the dedicated drinker soon runs out of imaginative ways to enjoy their favorite tipple. We here at Fewer Regrets want you to enjoy your alcohol (responsibly, of course!), so we put together our top 5 best whiskey cocktail recipes to help you get your night off to a bang! We also can help you brush up on your bartending skills to master these cocktails.

Why Whiskey?

Why not whiskey? But on a serious note, whiskey is one of the oldest, most traditional, most time-served beverages on the market. It originated in Scotland and Ireland at some time between 1000-1200 AD (Bottleneck MGMT) and has evolved into the many variations we know of today. According to Statista, roughly 35% of all Americans drink Whiskey, Bourbon, or some other variant on a regular basis. That’s across all age groups and genders.

With so many whiskey drinkers indulging we thought a few whiskey cocktail recipes might spice up your Friday night and keep everyone’s favorite drink fresh and innovative! So without further ado, here are our top 5 best whiskey drink recipes to kick off your weekend with!

Mixed Drink Number 5: The Irish Coffee

Originally introduced to the US in 1951 after a reporter enjoyed one at an Irish airport and rushed home to work out the recipe the Irish Coffee is the perfect perk up on a long winter’s night. If you are interested in reading the full history of this fascinating brew you can do so over at Irish Central. In the meantime, let’s dissect this mixed drink and find out just what ingredients make the Irish Coffee so downright delicious.

To make an exceptional Irish Coffee:

You will need strong filter coffee, full fat cream, sugar to sweeten, whiskey, bourbon, one (or two, or three) shots of your favorite whiskey and a little patience.

First of all, make your coffee. This whiskey cocktail works best if you use proper coffee from the machine… instant will completely take away from the taste. Get your percolator out and put it to good use!

Once you have made your shot of coffee you can match it with a shot of double cream. Now: how much coffee you use will depend on your own tastes. Traditionally, if in Scotland and purchased in a restaurant, you will receive a 35ml portion of coffee matched with a 35ml portion of cream. The shot of whiskey is added last, at 25ml. A double shot can be added to take the whiskey up to 50ml: but this will drastically alter the flavors of the drink.

More cream will lead to a less intense flavor and is recommended for those who don’t drink a lot of coffee. More alcohol is suggested for the hardened veteran only: and more caffeine is a must for all coffee lovers. Caffeine actually speeds the rate at which your body absorbs the alcohol from the whiskey and will make you drunk faster… a notion the Scots repeat in other drinks.

Irish Whiskey Cocktail

Mixed Drink Number 4: The Golden Dram

The Golden Dram was invented by Kara Anderson of the Aberfeldy Distillery and full credit must go to her for this delightful mixed drink. A ‘Dram’ is the old Scots term for a single drink, a measure of whiskey or a shot of spirits. According to Town and Country Magazine, Kara invented this drink as a more sophisticated take on an aperitif drink.

The Golden Dram is a whiskey cocktail with a difference the delightful dance of bubbles on the tongue. It is achieved using only four ingredients: aged whiskey, the older the better (Kara herself uses 12 year old Aberfeldy Whiskey), Prosecco, and a sugar cube soaked in Angostura Bitters.

Now Angostura Bitters (Alcademics) is a concentrated alcoholic herbal mix that is very potent and that is used in other cocktails (such as in the Long Vodka (Mix That Drink)) to add flavor. The sugar is used to tease out the flavor while simultaneously sweetening the whiskey enough to pair well with the dryness of the Prosecco. 

Manhattan Cocktail

Mixed Drink Number 3: The Classic Manhattan

The Manhattan is certainly one of the most classical cocktails on the market. Everyone knows it, everyone has tried it and there is absolutely no reason why you couldn’t be enjoying one of these fruity whiskey cocktails from the comfort of your own home.

Originally, and according to Fork N Plate, the 1891 recipe for the Manhattan featured 2 dashes of Gomme Syrup, 2 dashes of Bitters, 1 dash of Absinthe, 2/3 portion of Whiskey and 1/3 portion of Vermouth. We do not recommend mixing your Absinthe with… well… with anything. But it’s fun to see how the original recipe has changed over the years.

When Maraschino cherries hit the US in the early 20th century cherry juice made it into the mix. Nowadays, you would make a Manhattan by coating the inside of the glass in Angostura Bitters, then mixing cherry juice, Vermouth and whiskey and pouring them into that glass. The traditionally garnish is a cherry, but some people like olives… there is no accounting for taste.

Manhattan Whiskey Cocktail

Mixed Drink Number 2: The Hot Toddy

Now; this is another warm served mixed drink with whiskey at its core but this one doesn’t feature the coffee that can put some people off a full-on Irish Coffee. The Hot Toddy is a Gaelic drink (meaning it originated in the Scotland/Ireland areas (Make Me A Cocktail)) and was traditionally used to soothe a cold, numb a sore throat,  prevent headaches and numerous other little ailments… but then again, the Scots also used to use whiskey rubbed into the gums to soothe a teething baby; thus proving that, in Scotland at least, whiskey is a cure for everything.

A hot toddy is made using warmed fresh lemonade. The fresher the better. It can be served carbonated but would normally come flat. Older recipes used a squeeze of lemon juice and some hot water; but this results in a very sharp-tasting drink. For best results use sweetened lemonade instead or add a squeeze of fresh honey to make cocktail perfection.

Hot Toddy Cocktail

Mixed Drink Number 1: The Mint Julep

Easily one of the most refreshing cocktails you will ever try, the Mint Julep combines a few minimal ingredients which all come together for the perfect palate cleansing, summer evening, out-all-night whiskey cocktail. The versatility of this drink is what makes it so special…that and the simplicity.

To make your Mint Julep (BBC Good Food) you will need some crushed ice, a handful of mint leaves, a whiskey or bourbon of your choice and a half shot of sugar syrup. The sugar sweetens down the whiskey, the ice cools you down, the mint refreshes you… it reaches every note. Muddle the ice, mint leaves and sugar syrup together, put the mix in a small glass then pour over your alcohol. Easy and exquisite…we can’t ask for much more than that! 

Mint Julep Cocktail

Here at Fewer Regrets that’s exactly what we intend! Fewer regrets in the morning! Find out more about our fantastic all-natural hangover prevention today… then get on with mixing up some whiskey cocktails good enough for royalty.

Want to learn more about making cocktails?

Now that you’ve learned how to make some of our favorite whiskey cocktail recipes, head on over to Our Beginner’s Guide to Homemade Cocktails to learn how to look like a professional bartender right in your own home.

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