Fourth of July

3 Recipes for 4th of July Alcoholic Drinks

Are you looking to add an even more patriotic theme to your 4th of July celebration? We’ve put together these 3 recipes for 4th of July alcoholic drinks to help you show your patriotic red, white and Blue.

Mixing drinks can seem daunting if you havent done it before but well give you these three easy recipes to impress your friends so that you can enjoy them together.

1. Simple alcoholic fruit smoothie

Alcoholic Fruit Smoothie

For a nice simple and inexpensive smoothie cocktail, you could try this fruit and wine, based mix, held in place with crushed ice, so no worry about mixing the colors. Really nice for a hot summer evening. This is a good one to practice on your closest friends to get the balance of the fruit and syrup just right.

For the red layer

  • frozen strawberries
  • white wine
  • Maple syrup to taste

For the white layer

  • crushed ice
  • white wine

For the blue layer

  • crushed ice
  • vodka or gin
  • white wine
  • blue food coloring
  • Maple syrup to taste

The layers can be built up in the glass and will stay stable thanks to the ice, giving a nice balance of color. You can always add a pinch of fine crushed ice to the top of the blue layer to add the stars.

 2. Bomb Pop Cocktail

Bomb Pop Cocktail

Mix each color separately and layer for magical effect.

Red layer

  • Ice mixed with equal parts of
  • Silver tequila
  • Grenadine

White layer

  • Ice
  • silver tequila
  • lime juice

Blue layer

  • Ice mixed with equal parts of
  • Silver tequila
  • Blue curacao

Once again you can finish this with a sprinkle of finely crushed ice for a starry flourish.

If you want to add more zip to this one, you can add some triple sec to each layer to give it a real cocktail zing.

3. Patriotic drink with a real punch

Patriotic Fruit Punch

For a larger party it is good to be able to have drinks ready to go. This patriotic fruit mix colors a drink with a kick.

First mix together all the alcohol

  • 2 bottles of dry white wine
  • 1 cup of triple sec
  • cup of cup of vodka
  • Add some lemon juice
  • Syrup to taste

Then in a large glass jug or bowl

  • Start with a layer of blueberries to make a nice deep blue,
  • Cover with alcohol
  • Add pineapple slices to a similar thickness.
  • add more alcohol mix
  • Finish off with sliced strawberries
  • Top up with last of the alcohol.

Garnish with lemon slices if you want to add an extra flourish.

Hopefully you and your friends will enjoy these 3 recipes for 4th of July alcoholic drinks to celebrate patriotically this 4th of July.

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Want to learn more about making cocktails?

Now that you’ve learned the recipe for great aviation cocktails head on over to Our Beginner’s Guide to Homemade Cocktails. In the guide you’ll learn how to look like a professional bartender right in your own home.

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